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Bob Dylan / Hard Rain

With a brash clash of caustic, almost acidic guitar sound, Maggie’s Farm truly bursts in like a storm. Hard Rain, the only live album reviewed

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Bob Dylan / Desire

1976 saw an enormous departure in sound and lyric from ‘Blood on the Tracks’, Dylan’s 1975 release. No more confessional tracks appear on this album,

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Bob Dylan / Planet Waves

The undulations of human existence. The crest and the troth. A lifetime of waves, sufferings and joys. A planet of these waves; ‘Planet Waves’. A

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Bob Dylan / New Morning

Not quite dawn, October. My steadfast stereo chattering this mornings Dylan album and review, ‘New Morning’. Appropriate timing as I am soon to see another

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Bob Dylan / Self Portrait

When asked for a one liner for this review, Dr. Damian Carpenter with degrees in English and American Folk Music, said “Self Portrait’ is delightful

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Bob Dylan/Bob Dylan

Strumming like the rhythm of the freight train, he brings the strings, E through E. All six. Like a freight train he may have come

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